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We are on the North East Coast Of Tasmania 500 meters above sea level with panoramic views
A secluded adult retreat on a working farm
Seaview Farm Stay
While Frank does the farm work with help from Julia on sausage making days, she maintains the two acres of garden as well as continuously making stone walls and extending the landscaping.  The garden is turning into a small park.
On the farm apart from the sheep and the cows, there are two alpacas that have free range over the property.  They are mostly for decorative purposes but do protect the sheep from stray dogs.  However, they are also known to chase the cows when they get in the way.
We also have three dogs: Ruby the retired Border Collie, Gem a Border Collie Smithfield cross and the new working dog Sapphire, a Kelpie with boundless energy who talks back.

Seaview Farm, including the garden, is an ongoing work in progress - a place for relaxation in a magnificent setting with dozens of native birds and stunning views, or a learning experience for those who want to know about chemical free farming and healthy food. 
Seaview Farm is a working farm of 161 hectares.  Your hosts Frank and Julia have been farming here since 1998.  In 2002 Frank began studying and applying Biological Farming methods - a practice that is a mix between organic and conventional.  This mix involves more science than does some organic practices and more natural methods than conventional.
The result is healthy soil - constantly monitored with soil tests and leaf analyses for mineral content, bacteria and fungi.  Healthy soil eliminates the need for pesticides and herbicides, neither of which are used on the farm.  The motto we like to quote is healthy soil=healthy plants and animals=healthy humans. 
We have a small beef herd and flock of sheep from which we supply chemical free beef and lamb to the Farmers Market in Hobart and locally to those who are keen consumers of toxic chemical free food. 

We also grow blueberries - the first grade of which are sent to the Sydney market.  The seconds are made into Blueberry Vinegar, excellent on salads, and Blueberry Coulis,  pure blueberries in a jar.  In the past four years we have been building up our crop of purple
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